Thursday, May 3, 2007


Is the time we spend alone, really ours? I'm not sure I've ever been alone, maybe a few years between college and married life but even then I had a room-mate. I have come to believe that women need to be alone to become the independent force they can be. I spent a couple of hours at the movies the other day, alone. I had never gone to the movies by myself, I never had the gumption. What would people think? well I need alone time and movies make me happy so I went in between school hours. I LOVED every moment. "In the land of women" proved to be a true delight. Just the right amount of escape for my life at the moment.

My life at the moment is filled with husband,son, clients, staff. I feel I never get an alone moment. Take it from me - It is perfectly OK to take an afternoon and enjoy your life - your alone time doing what you want. Take that time and enjoy!