Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog Giveaways - sooooo many but I never win

I'm trying again. I never win but you can't win if you don't play. Check it out there are so many presents I'm sure you'll fins one you like. I'm entering Giveaway Celebration (#3): Banner/Buttons for Websites/Blogs.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Party Favor Find

Slogged thru the rain storm to do a bit of shopping. Stopped at Joannes for some Car Party supplies and stumbled across a great slumber or monster theme party favor. On clearance for $1.97 per pillow & .50 for each extra. Smooshies, a make your own kooky, cuddly creature, a very cool party favor for under $5 each.

My son(I know he needs a haircut) with his new Monster Buddy

Buddy box with extra parts

Friday, March 26, 2010


Hosting a Pink Poodle party tomorrow. I LOVE Pink! With no daughters, this is the only way I get my girly groove on:)

Girls will stuff their own poodle, theirs to keep & cherish, and design a t-shirt for their new friend and a beaded collar. Would love to have some bling bling collars but we're using pony beads. I'll host the adoption station where the girls will weigh, measure, name & promise to love their new precious poodle.

Now it's time to trot on over to the Poodle Cafe for some delicious scooby snacks & pink lemonade. With their bellys full and their thirst quenched they're ready to curl up and snooze the afternoon away. But not a chance, it's time for the Poodle Puppy Show.

Take your party over the top with Doggie songs - I love the cd I created for this theme, some songs we prance around to are
  • I want to be a puppy dog
  • Bingo
  • How much is that doggy in the window
  • Doggie salsa (great beat)
  • Hound Dog (gotta love Elvis!)
  • Walkin the dog
  • Who let the dogs out
  • Puppy love (I'm showin my age but I don't care - I love love love Donny Osmond)

Here's some photos to enjoy

Some photos from past Poodle Parties

Making a star wish for the birthday girl.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Paddy's Day - 1 day late

I know most bloggers post days even weeks before a Holiday but I am just not that organized, maybe next time.

I vote that St Patrick's Day be moved to a friday or saturday, always. The day isn't that fun when it falls on a week day. To start the day we had Irish Soda bread, toasted with irish butter. Usually irish soda bread is so dry and I'm not a huge fan but this bread(from Acme) was wonderful, just like a good raisin bread. The butter at $3.99 was well worth the price(fromSuperfresh), not sure what makes it different from american butter but it sure tastes delish.

Went to the Green Parrot pub in the afternoon for a Harp and to listen to an irish band. The band was due to start at 2 but for some reason began at 3, didn't matter as they were very disappointing. Will need to find a different pub next year.

St Paddy's Day is no fun to celebrate by yourself so I invited friends over for dinner. Started the corned beef & cabbage in the am, slow cooker cooking is the best. Whipped up some green jello for the kids and bought(I'm not a baker) a few slices of cake for the adults. Made Colcannon for the first time and it was delish!! I highly recommend this recipe and I will be making it again

Made myself an apple martini, just had to have a green drink.
Also picked up some Blarney Castle cheese, very mellow flavor, would have been good with some apple slices.
My table was a bit boring so I added a green boa, not pictured. The hat & coins are from the dollar store, napkins from the grocery store. I will be on the look out for green plates & glasses this year:) We had the kids do a shamrock scavenger hunt through the house and a hunt for more green coins.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been blessed with only one child, my son Parker. He is the best kid, I am so so so lucky. He turned 9  last week and this weekend we celebrated with a SPY Party. We kept the party small to 5 friends as we needed everyone to fit into one van. We had activities at home and then piled into the van for a spy hunt through our town. I only did 3 stops thru the town, not knowing how it would go and if the boys would enjoy it. I should have done more! they loved running into a store to find the next clue, it was awesome.

The invitation(which I don't have a photo of) was in very very small font and sent in a padded envelope with a magnifying glass. I ordered gable boxes from and added stickers with their spy name. I originally wanted to order each child a black duffel bag but could not find them for a decent price. I lucked out and found black sweatshirts for $3 each at walmart and ironed on their spy name. Inside the box were binoculars, a flashlight, small notepad, kookie pen, a black knit cap, spy sunglasses, a black&white lanyard and funny glasses. We made spy badges and fingerprinted the boys, these they attached to the lanyards. Activities were
  • Target shooting, with nerf gun. Husband drew target right on the glass back door.
  • Bubble wrap game, have to walk/crawl very slowly and not pop bubbles. They loved this game!
  • Bomb detonation - pop black balloons by sitting on them, first clue was inside one of balloons
  • Clue hunt. Clues rhymed and led them to a location for the next clue. Inside the house were the first 2 and then onto 7-11 for slurpees, pet smart and acme for doritoes.
Back home for chicken fingers, fries, cake & enormous ice-cream sundaes. In addition to the sweatshirts, the box with stuff, I also had a candy bar, colors were yellow & black & white.

My son loved his party and after 3 hours I was ready for a glass of wine(a couple of glasses:)

Tried to upload photos 2x, but keeps freezing my computer, argh! trying again.

                                                                                      Cake from Confection Perfection in Richboro.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

blog give-away

Blogs are a wonderful inspiration for me but..... I get lost in Blogland and before I know it day is night. Any who,
Click on the link and enter to win an amazing spring quilt from PB.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hot Wheels - Race Car Theme Party

Hot Wheels Party was a success - sorry no photos(still need camera). Here are some great activities for your little racer.

  • I'm not a fan of painting at kids parties since I go into a client's home but if you are hosting your own party, you can buy wooden cars and have the children paint them.
  • Make license name plate necklaces with lanyard lacing or ribbon, cut foam plates and letter stickers adding some car stickers around their names.
  • Pin driver on the race car - poster of a race car & little boy cutouts
  • Pit Stop Race - toolbox with play tools, cones and a streamer at the finish line, play relay style
  • Red light Green light
Traffic light - 3 circles cut out of foam, green, yellow & red. Have kids pretend to be a car and zoom around when you hold up the green is go, yellow is slow down & red is stop.
  • Station of hot wheels & track set-up
  • For outside parties or if there is ample space - make box cars out of cardboard boxes, paint and decorate & cut holes so kids can step in and hold while they run a race track set-up in the yard.
Stick with a white, black & yellow theme & zoom zoom for some party FUN!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cupcakes Take The Cake: Cookbook contest! Win Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery

Cupcakes Take The Cake: Cookbook contest! Win Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery
Beery's Princess Cupcake book looks amazing! Her blog has wonderful cute cooking recipes for kids. Pink Hot Chocolate & Hot Chocolate Cupcakes - perfect for the snowy days we've been having.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Check out this Give-Away

One of my new fave websites  Check out their beautiful give-away, enter today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Days weeks months....

Where does the time go? I have a project list so long I can not even look at it anymore. Parties slowed down for a while but are now picking up, Thank You!

HOLIDAY PARTY - we did a girls PJ nite, BEST idea ever. Each woman loved wearing their most comfy clothes. I made Merry Berry Martinis and an antipasta platter, yum. We played Holiday Trivia, Grinch Exchange and an Ornament Exchange. One wonderful woman gave each of us a ball ornament with everyone's last name and the year, I see a new tradition of making the ornaments at the party. We already have a hostess for next year, can't wait.

VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY - instead of going out to dinner, we're having a Fondue Party at one couple's house. We're doing cheese, bread cubes, veggies, apples, steak, chicken, shrimp and chocolate strawberries, delicious. Each couple is to bring their wedding album/photos as we all are newer friends and did not know each other when we all married. I have planned a fun renewal ceremony for each couple. I'll play the minister using funny snippets of information and I have a fake big gem ring for each woman and a veil and bouquet, thinking of ideas for the drop drop. We'll play a famous couples trivia, valentine pictionary and the newlywed game(need new questions as we just played for NY eve). Looking for a few more games. Created an ipod mix with great hits such as
  • Stop in the Name of Love(gotta love Diana Ross)
  •  Love Shack(B-52s)
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me(Def Leppard)
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On(Joe Cocker) - I so LUV this song
  • How Sweet it is to be Loved by You(Marvin Gaye) 
  • Crazy Thing Called Love(Michael Buble) 
  • I Got You Babe(Ahh Sonny & Cher)
  • Love Will Keep Us Together(Captain & Tennille)
  • I Do I Do I Do(ABBA) 
  • You Give Me Fever(The Cramps) 
  • Baby Be Mine( Michael Jackson)
  • Going to the Chapel(Little Anthony)
  • Always & Forever(Earth, Wind & Fire)
  • You Light Up My Life(Debbie Boone)
  • Unforgettable(Nat King Cole)
  • Wonderful Tonight(Eric Clapton)
  • I'll Be There(Jackson 5)
  • and more
Children's Themes I'm working on and hopefully I will have photos(need new camera)
  • Girl's Tea Party - doing the white, pink & silver with mismatched china
  • Diva Party - doing the red, black and white look. Found a new frame for the table last week. Adding Chocolate Fountain.
  • Hot Wheels Party - researching ideas
  • Spy Party - for my son's 9th birthday. Planning black t-shirts, black caps, spy id lanyards, spy training activities and a spy hunt through the town. Should be FUN. Making invitations today - mini invites and a magnifying glass in a classified envelope, I think they will like it.
Goal to be better at posting!