Friday, April 17, 2009

Surviving the economy with a Survivor Party

The downward economy has hit the party biz:( Biz has slowed a bit so I should have had more time to blog, I just plain forget and really don't know what to say.
When do parents put a kaboosh on kids parties? should it be when they hit double digits? is a family party enough? my son has no siblings and very few extended family, so a kids party provides the FUN group feeling of speciality. Is it ok to wait a few months and host a b-day party late? I've debated this in my head and I know friends who feel it is a definite NO-NO. But I leaned towards a go-ahead and do it as we only live once and who knows what will happen next.

We're hosting a Survivor theme party and we waited 3 months for good weather as it must be held outside otherwise it just wouldn't be Survivor.
  • Invitations will be ??? not sure yet, thinking of rolled up in a bottle or a buff with info attached.
  • Two tribes - colored buffs for each - will be pre-selected as son wants BF on his tribe, thinking how to best divide tribes
  • Time - debating on late afternoon or early evening. Like to use torch lamps but it does not get dark now till 7ish
  • Props will be island luau like but with more of an animal safari look - thinking how to create a fake fire or maybe use firepit but worried for safety with 16 kids, tent or two tents, tribal council sign, tribe flags
  • Food - hoping to just do snacks & cake - not sure yet how to theme it up and a candy bar, I love them, and maybe the chocolate fountain.
  • Activities will be the best! so excited for all these cool games; scavenger hunt, holey water, survivor knows best, snake challenge, obstacle course, target challenge, mystery food challenge, square challenge. I want to have tree mail but not sure and a team merge - we're still thinking on it. Planning time wise is the most difficult, games could be real short or longer than anticipated.
  • Party favors - even as a party planner I am not a huge fan of favors, I do not understand why they exist??? to me being invited should be enough but everyone expects them, arghhhh! I'm thinking canvas sling back bags, as they can be used during the party and useful at home.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome, must pick a date now.